Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    developing a method for assessment of agricultural drought risk    Ph.D    Khalili, Najmeh    
2    3d numerical modeling of flow structure in a vortex settling basin            0000-00-00
3    Considering the effects of inner Presure and water sourronding txture in large size steel pipe on Settlement and deformation of pipe bed            0000-00-00
4    Appliction of Fuzzy Rule – Based technique to the Estimation of Hourly Reference Evapotranspiration with mininmum weather data.            0000-00-00
5    Evaluating and cosidering of real time montoring of radiation frost            0000-00-00
6    Evaluation of Hydroponic Production of tomato under Saline Irrigation in Saveh, Iran            0000-00-00
7    Evaluating the effective parameters on value of Municipal water consumption using Gamma test, Nishabour, Iran            0000-00-00
8    study of the effective physical parameters on subsurface water diversion using a experimental model    M.Sc.    Mansouri, Ramin    0000-00-00
9    Study of the effective hydraulic parameters on subsurface water diversion using an experimental model    M.Sc.    rostami, reza    0000-00-00
10    The Study of Silicon Effect on Growth and Yield of Tomato under Salinity Stress            0000-00-00
11    Compare Furrow Irrigation in Real Time and irrigation based on the initial design    M.Sc.    tamaddoni, Mirhadi    0000-00-00
12    Modelling Urban Drinking Water Demand Based on Scio-Ecoclimatic Characteristics Using Nonparametric Models            0000-00-00
13    Forecasting of annual rainfall using Nonparametric nonlinar models            0000-00-00
14    Considering the uncertainty of Drought General Circulation and Statistical Downscaling Models in predicting Palmer Drought Index with LARS-WG Model            0000-00-00
15    Large eddy simulation in vortex settling basins            0000-00-00
16    Simulation of two dimension water movement under drip irrigation system    M.Sc.    khorami, marziye    2010-09-22
17    the effect of climatological parameters on yield wheat in years with extremum rate    M.Sc.    mohamadpuor, mahdi    2010-11-06
18    Study of Irrigation Supply Impacts on Water Resources of Neyshabour Plane    M.Sc.    kermanshahi, somayyeh    2010-11-06
19    Regionalization drought probability Using Regional frequency analysis methods , Case study: khorasan Rasavi province    M.Sc.    talebi hoseinabad, fateme    2010-12-22
20    Drought Prediction with Outputs of GCMs Atmosphere and Statistical Downscaling (Case Study Nayshabour Basin)    M.Sc.    Salehnia, Nasrin    2011-01-11
21    The study of Drought intensity and duration in Khorasan Razavi Province over two next decade    M.Sc.    moafi madani, fatemeh    2011-02-19
22    Study some physiological traits of purslane (Portulaca oleracea L.) under drought stress, deficit irrigation and different methods of irrigation    Ph.D    rahimi, zainab    2011-04-16
23    Using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) to assess and identify the agricultural units in point of view of water productivity (Case study: Astan e Quds Razavi farm)    M.Sc.    zarif garmrood dadkhah, saeid    2011-04-23
24    Fuzzy Irrigation Scheduling    M.Sc.    tamana, morteza    2011-05-15
25    Investigation of effects of various levels of irrigation deficit on various cool-season grasses native to Iran and comparison between their seed mixture with trade ones in order to use in landscape    M.Sc.    saeedi pooya, elham    2011-07-18
26    The investigation on the effect of diffrent irrigation levels and mulch application on growth, development and active substances of mint (Mentha pipperita)    M.Sc.    ,    2011-08-26
27    Evaluation of salinity and sodicity effects of irrigation water on unsaturated soil hydraulic conductivity    M.Sc.    khazaei, sahar    2011-09-22
28    Evaluating the salinity and regulated deficit irrigation Interaction on maize component yield and yield and determination of water – salinity production function    Ph.D    shirmohamadi ali akbar khani, zahra    2011-09-26
29    Effect of humic acid and irrigation regimes on yield of Mihan variety of wheat    M.Sc.    afshin manesh, maryam    2011-11-22
30    Evaluating effects of drought stress on qualitative and quantitative characteristics of Clovers species in landscape with groundcovers potential use    M.Sc.    samieiani, elham    2011-12-03
31    Study of irrigation and fertilization regimes effects on nitrogen leaching amounts from root zone (Case study: Lolium perenne)    M.Sc.    Mohammad Abadi, Mohsen    2011-12-13
32    Assessing the Effect of Combined Salinity and Drought Stresses on Tomato Yield in Soilless Culture    Ph.D    faalian, ahad    2011-12-31
33    Using GMS to simulate the groundwater flow in an Urban region (Case Study: Bojnord)    M.Sc.    jafari, zobeyde    2012-01-28
34    Assessment of the AquaCrop model for Full and Deficit Irrigated soybean    M.Sc.    Hemmati Rad, Mahmoud    2012-02-08
35    Simultaneous numerical modeling of surface and subsurface flow in furrow irrigation for surface irrigation management    M.Sc.    beykzadeh, elham    2012-02-29
36    Simulation of emitter clogging by using FLUENT software    M.Sc.    mehrvar, zahra    2012-03-03
37    Using Fractal Interpolation functions for time series downscling    M.Sc.    validi, nahid    2012-04-26
38    Effect of Deficit Irrigation on Buchloe dactyloides, Festuca arundinacea and Cyndon dactylon    M.Sc.    Akbarzadeh, Milad    2012-05-15
39    Numerical modeling of subsurface flow in furrow irrigation to improve the surface irrigation management    M.Sc.    Ghayour saraydar, fatemeh    2012-06-14
40    water-energy productivity in various irrigation systems at corn plants case study:The Jovein Agricultural & Industrial Company    M.Sc.    ALIABADI, HASSAN    2012-06-16
41    independent estimation of stages evaporation from saline soil.    M.Sc.    selahvarzi, mahdi    2012-06-16
42    Evaluating the effectiveness of the emitter discharge and space on performance of lawn subsurface drip irrigation systems    M.Sc.    esmaili najafabadi, fatemeh    2012-12-01
43    Evaluating of irrigation management strategies in Maize crop water productivity using CERES-Maize and Aquacrop models.    M.Sc.    Yousefi, Zeinab    2012-12-22
44    Study on the variation of Quantitative , qualitative changes and persistence traits of sabzevar late maturity melon under salinity water in drip irrigation method    Ph.D    Baghani, Javad    2012-12-22
45    Field Evaluation of Surface Irrigation Models Performance with Saline Water (Case Study: Furrow Irrigation)    M.Sc.    Fathi torshizi, Maryam    2013-01-20
46    The simulation of surface balance with WetSpa modeling (case study of Bara’rie basin)    M.Sc.    Rahmati, Hosein    2013-01-26
47    Study of water market effect on agriculture water allocation regard to possible climatic change in Mashhad-Chenaran plain    Ph.D    Majidi Khalil Abad, Najmeh    2013-01-30
48    Determination of water economic value in agricultural sector in order to promote optimization of factors effect on agricultural production regarding to water economic value .Case study: agricultural production in eastern Mazandaran    M.Sc.    mohammadazari, sahar    2013-03-02
49    optimization of water-energy productivity for selection of cropping pattern and irrigation method (case study: Mashhad-Chenaran plain)    Ph.D    karimzadeh, mohammad    2013-04-17
50    Evaluation the possibility of increasing cereal productivity in rainfed agriculture using real-time drought monitoring (The Case Study: Kabul River Basin – Afghanistan)    M.Sc.    Husaini, Hadi    2013-05-11
51    Estimation of groundwater recharge from irrigated fields using zero flux method.    M.Sc.    zaki, mohsen    2013-05-13
52    Estimation of groundwater recharge in irrigated farms using unsaturated zoon modeling, case study: Neyshabour Plain    M.Sc.    lak, raziyeh    2013-05-18
53    Engineering design of drip irrigation- Maintenance and operation of network of drip irrigation – Evaluation of drip irrigation in parts of Astan -e – Qods Razavi Farms    M.Sc.    ALMEHBASH, MAHMOUD    2013-06-08
54    Studying vulnerability of maize varieties’ growth and phenology in Khorasan Razavi under various scenarios of climate models    M.Sc.    zeighami, mozhgan    2013-06-21
55    Comparison of Linear Parametric and Nonlinear Nonparametric Methods in Estimating and Forecasting of Annual Demand for Natural Gas in IRAN’s Household Sector.    M.Sc.    vatan doust, amir    2013-07-02
56    The effect of deficit irrigation and nano fertilization on yield of basil (ocimum basilicum)    Ph.D    naderianfar, mohammad    2013-07-09
57    study on the effect of different irrigation regimes on crop water use efficiency of autumn sugar beet in Mashhad region and simulation for different climate conditions of Khorasan-e-Razavi    Ph.D    haghayeghi, seyed abolghassem    2013-09-25
58    Assessment of water use efficiency and production risk of winter wheat due to extreme climatic events in climate change condition Case study: Khorasan Razavi Province    Ph.D    erfanian, maryam    2013-10-28
59    Investigating effects of deficit irrigation and water salinity on greenhouse PEPPER yield in smart drip irrigation system    M.Sc.    salarian, mohammad    2013-11-02
60    Effects of irrigation water salinity on roots growth dynamics of late summer melon (A case study for cv. Mahvelati)    M.Sc.    fahimi, shokoofeh    2013-12-07
61    The effect of water and potassium fertilizer on the root growth and yield product of Sorghum varieties.    Ph.D    MOOSAVI FAZL, SEYED HASAN    2013-12-24
62    Optimization of leaching under different scenarios of irrigation management with salin water in order to achieve the maximum net profit and the minimum leaching    Ph.D    Mohammadi, Masoud    2014-01-01
63    Assessing the fluctuation of hydrological and meteorological drought severity and duration due to climate change and its effect on water balance component    Ph.D    Azadi, Samira    2014-01-11
64    Strategies development of adaptation to climate change in estimation water requirement and crop yield of wheat and corn    Ph.D    Khordadi Varamini, Mohammad Javad    2014-01-27
65    Development and Assessment of an Integrated Model of flow in Surface, Unsaturated and Saturated zones in Neishaboor Region    Ph.D    Nazarieh, Farzaneh    2014-01-28
66    Study on water and nitrogen productivity under different moisture Stress and cultivation systems in Keshvari rice in Mazandran Province    Ph.D    asadi, reza    2014-01-29
67    Determining the agricultural wells work hourse in Mashhad-Chenaran plain.    M.Sc.    zahmati, saeedeh    2014-02-01
68    Evaluating the effects of irrigation depths and nitrogen on yield and quality of grass in subsurface irrigation    M.Sc.    cheperli, hesel    2014-03-15
69    Evaluating the effects of summer irrigation and mulch cover on yield and flowering of saffron    M.Sc.    karimi seghaleh, hossein    2014-03-15
70    Uncertainty Assessment of Groundwater Flow Modelling by Using Generalized Likelihood Uncertainty Estimation Method (Case Study: Bojnourd Plain)    M.Sc.    Abedini, Maryam    2014-04-26
71    Evaluation of evapotranspiration variation trend of urban landscape plants under different microclimate conditions and mixed plant(case study: turf, hedge and unfruitful trees in Golbahar new town)    Ph.D    Naderi, Ramin    2014-04-26
72    Design and implementing a furrow irrigation automation system ( real time ) with the aid of avr microcontroller and evaluation of its performance    M.Sc.    ardame, mohamadreza    2014-05-03
73    Experimental study on different types of pavements in order to control urban flood    M.Sc.    RAHIMI, HAMID REZA    2014-05-17
74    Estimation of actual evapotranspiration and crop coefficient for maize using remote sensing data    Ph.D    Kamali, Mohammad Ismaeil    2014-06-15
75    Study on efficiency of agricultural water productivity optimal cropping pattern based on farmers' subjective preferences and the fuzzy goal programming models    Ph.D    shahin rokhsar ahmadi, parisa    2014-06-22
76    Investigation and evaluation of historical remains and water structures, by applying AHP method and value engineering to preserve and come into operation    Ph.D    karimi, shahram    2014-06-23
77    Assessment of sewerage corrosion potential base on investigation H2S concentration and ORP (Case study : Sewerage collector for West Zone in mashhad city)    Ph.D    Azimi Ghalibaf, Ehsan    2014-06-23
78    The Study on Effects of Plastic Mulch on the Surface Drip Irrigation Systems in Pistachio orchards (Case Study:Rafsanjan Plain)    Ph.D    Sedaghati, Nasser    2014-06-23
79    Estimation of surface soil moisture from passive microwave remote sensing data using Land Parameter Retrieval Method (LPRM) and relating that to the root zone moisture based on Soil Moisture Analytical Relationship (SMAR)    Ph.D    FARIDANI BARDASKAN, FARID    2014-06-23
80    Effect of irrigation water management scenarios(water deficit – fertigation) on spatial-temporal variability of water- potassium,root growth and plant water relationships of wheat (case study-border irrigation    Ph.D    keikha, Gholamali    2014-06-23
81    Assessment of Nitrate Leaching under Barley and Corn Silage Production using Municipal Treated Wastewater    Ph.D    mohamad, taheri    2014-09-06
82    Study the effect of extrime climatic changes on saffron yield and determination of suitable cultivation areas (case study: Khorasan Razavi province)    M.Sc.    Tosan, Moein    2014-10-04
83    The effect of water salinity and deficit irrigation on physiological and morphological characteristics of Caesalpinia gilliesii    M.Sc.    kazemi kordasiabi, mona    2014-10-25
84    Investigation and Comparison of water use and water use efficiency in direct seeded and transplanted supersweet corn in different irrigation regimes and simulation for different climate conditions of Khorasan-e-Razavi    Ph.D    Zolfagharan, Ardavan    2014-11-01
85    Optimizing total cost and resilience index in water distribution networks using MOPSO    M.Sc.    fahimtarzaghi, zahra    2014-11-15
87    Evaluation effects of different irrigation levels and biofertilizers and chemical fertilizers on quantitative and qualitative yield of henna plant    Ph.D    vahidi, alireza    2014-12-16
88    Development of a Water Balance Model in Catchamet scale, its Calibration and Uncertainty Assessment    Ph.D    emamifar, saeed    2014-12-16
89    3D penetration modeling of surface irrigation using numerical methods in non-orthogonal coordinate system    M.Sc.    Naghedifar, Mohammadreza    2014-12-20
90    Turbulent flow modeling in vortex settling basins using large eddy simulation    Ph.D    sheikh rezazadeh nikou, neda    2014-12-31
91    Comparing the effect of Deficit Irrigation, Partial root-zone Irrigation and Full Irrigation on yield of maize with different levels of nitrogen    M.Sc.    pordel nowghabi, rasool    2015-01-03
92    Evaluating effects of partial root-zone drying method and potassium fertilizer on Falat Wheat Cultivar.    Ph.D    ghadiri, iman    2015-01-24
93    Evaluating the effect of irrigation deficit and timing on tomato yield and changing in moisture and temperature of root zone    Ph.D    Hashempour, JAFAR    2015-02-01
94    Assessment and comparison the effect of day and night irrigation on water use efficiency and yield of eggplant    Ph.D    roozbeh nasiraei, jafar    2015-02-02
95    Evaluation of various organic and inorganic mulch on water use efficiency, temperature and moisture of soil and quantitative and qualitative characteristics of pistachio (Pistacia veraL.) in Faizabad region of Khorasan.    Ph.D    nurzadeh namaghi, mina    2015-03-11
96    Assessing the Effect of Combined Deficit Irrigation and Vermicompost manure on Grouth and Yeild of Pepper (Capsicum annuum)    Ph.D    Sajjadi, Seyed Abdolkarim    2015-03-16
97    Investigate the interactions between different levels of irrigation and salinity on yield and yield components of forage sorghum production function of water and salinity in subsurface drip irrigation system    Ph.D    piri, halimeh    2015-04-18
98    Evaloating combination of Nozzle and adsorption – resin filtration as a hybrid process to control seasonal suspended sediment and dissolved solids for the treatment of Municipal Drinking water (Case study: Toroq Water Treatment Plant    Ph.D    MEHRAVARAN, BABAK    2015-06-10
99    Modeling the surface water balance components on regional scale with Noah-MP land surface model    Ph.D    mirshafee, samira    2015-06-28
100    Evaluateing The effects of Deficit Irrigation, Full Irrigation, Night and Day Irrigation on sweet corn (Merritt) yeild under drip irrigation    M.Sc.    mousavi chashmi, seyed ali    2015-09-06
101    لThe effect of the simultaneous effects of deficit irrigation and soil layering tomato plant morphological characteristics.    M.Sc.    Safdari Kalateh Mir Esmaeel, Akram    2015-09-26
102    Analysis of Currently of supply and consumption and Prediction in the Future and Developing a Function of Domestic Water Demand in Mashhad    Ph.D    Forouzesh, Majid    2016-01-27
103    Multivariate Joint Drought Assessment for the Severity and Duration of SPI & SPEI indexes Using Copula Functions    M.Sc.    yosefi, masoud    2016-04-09
104    Assessment of pickling impact on reducing emitter clogging in subsurface drip irrigation    M.Sc.    jahangin, javad    2016-06-11
105    Study on effective treatments to improve water use efficiency at different levels of drought stress on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of tomato (Solanum lycopersicon)    Ph.D    farzane, akram    2016-07-13
106    Providing Composite Index drought monitoring using Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC) model and Fuzzy theory (case study catchment Neyshabur)    Ph.D    Hashemi Nasab, seyedeh Aida    2016-10-09
107    Title: Integrating of soil moisture measurement, soil water balance and Remote Sensing to estimate deep percolation from irrigated areas at a basin scale.    Ph.D    zaki, mohsen    2016-11-01
108    Adjastment crop coefficients of Landscape using Landsat Satellite images and SEBAL Algorithm (Case Study: Mashhad City)    Ph.D    misaghi, ali    2016-12-19
109    The effect of uncertainty in predicting the performance and productivity of crops using fuzzy set theory (corn, wheat, sorghum).    Ph.D    MORDI, HOURYEH    2016-12-20
110    Assessment of groundwater recharge in different lands and irrigation management scenarios using numerical simulation of unsaturated    M.Sc.    shamsi tavasani, ensiyeh    2017-01-28
111    Impact assessment of temperature , precipitation and landuse changes on run off yield of Kardeh basin    Ph.D    MehdiZadeh Karizaki, Mehdi    2017-02-11
112    Improved algorithm ETLook to estimate actual evapotranspiration using remote sensing data and soil moisture monitoring    Ph.D    farokhi, maedeh    2017-02-21
113    Investgating the conjunctive effects of salinity and deficit irrigation on yield and yield components of two cultivars of wheat.    M.Sc.    najafi, mohammad    2017-11-11
114    modeling of fractal emitters clogging due to effect of sedimentation and compare their performance in different flow rates    M.Sc.    Pezeshk, Ahmad    2017-12-23
115    Optimizing irrigation management (through deficit irrigation and crop rotation) by combining the simulation crop model AquaCrop with an economic model    M.Sc.    Sarrafzadeh, Nasrin    2017-12-23
116    Hydrogeochemistry, groundwater quality assessment and modeling in Neyshabour Plain    Ph.D    Taheriyan, parisan    2018-02-19
117    Evaluation and Determination of water Balance equation components using Ground water_ Surface Water linking Model ,SWAT-MODFLOW in Samalghan Watershed .    Ph.D    nasiri, shima    2018-02-19
118    Assessment of the mutual effects of deficit irrigation and salinity stress on Oenothera biennis.    M.Sc.    gholamzadeh abghaleh, azam    2018-03-03
119    Investigating the Interaction of Organic Fertilizer and Different Irrigation Levels on Yield and Yield Components of Medicinal Plant Peppermint Mint    M.Sc.    hajmirzaei, maryam    2018-04-14
120    Investigating and analyzing the factors affecting agricultural water productivity in Neishabour plain.    M.Sc.    safayi zade, zahra    2018-04-14
121    Investigation of water quality regulations in designing of modern irrigation systems (case study, razavi and northern Khorasan province )    M.Sc.    dorofki, farhad    2018-06-02